CaaS - Card as a Service

Financial or non-financial company - issue payment cards as a turnkey solution without navigating complex regulations, numerous providers, spending time and effort in countless integrations and ongoing financial operations.

We are here to help you shape up your ideas into a brilliant financial product.

Our modularity will allow you to get no more and no less than the features needed. Hassle free and cost effective.

BIN Sponsorship

This is the foundation to step on when you are looking to launch a financial product. Skip the lengthy, costly, and complex process of acquiring what we already have.

Electronic Money Institution license

Allows us to issue electronic money, and payment instruments and to provide payment services. This license also grants us full passport rights to do the same in the whole European Union.

Mastercard and Bulgarian National Payment Scheme memberships

Through us, you can issue Mastercard products without being a principal card scheme member.

Wide card portfolio range

No matter what the need is – we can respond to it by onboarding the best fit program for your customers.

Debit card

Allow the customers to open individual accounts with own funds. This payment instrument has universal acceptance, built-in security and is very convenient — this is a great way to spend your money.

Credit card

You want to offer a line of credit to your customers – we can issue the card for you. This is a widely accepted payment instrument which provides world-class security, reliability, and credibility, perfect for financial planning. It also produces revenue opportunities through rewards from different programs and helps build credit history.

Gift card

Issue physical and virtual gift cards with a consistent customer experience across channels. You can choose to issue on-time or reloadable gift cards.

Prepaid card

This Mastercard program provides full payment functionality but without the administrative burden of tying the card to a bank account. This card provides tailored features and value-adds – whether you are looking for a card for travelling, healthcare, incentive, meal and food, or anything else – it is all available.

Business card

Your business requires control of funds? Decide whether you operate all cards under one account or have a separate account for each division. You can easily track employees’ expenses, control what they spend on different occasions. Use them for incentives and remunerations – it is entirely up to you.

The benefits of CaaS

Virtual cards

With a rapid shift to digitalization in all aspects worldwide – virtual cards are a great step in that direction.

Your business can have the best of both worlds and at the same time rely on consistent security and features that come with traditional cards. Minus the costs of issuing plastics.

Convenient and instant.

Instant issuing – pre-printed cards

No time to spare on card issuing? Looking to go fast-to-market?

Take advantage of our pre-issued cards, printing your design and personalizing it per your business need. Beautifying possibilities are endless and that – without losing the functionality you expect.

Real time card control management

Gain access to your own white-label portal, where you can request cards, control them, monitor transactions, and follow statistics

Allow your cardholders to manage their own cards – set and view their PINs safely and securely, and monitor movement at the convenience of a few clicks.

Mobile Payments

Bring convenience and premium experience to your users by onboarding wallet tokenization to your product.

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