Empowering fintech dreams

Unlock new opportunities for your business by adding a special ingredient - financial services.

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Flexible platform to enable combination of different financial services

AaaS - Account as a service

Provide your customers with fully functional IBAN accounts.

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CaaS - Card as a service

Issue payment cards as a turnkey solution, shaping up your brilliant and unique product.

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PaaS - Payment as a service

Expand your solutions portfolio by offering affordable payments to your clients to meet their everyday needs.

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Industries we serve

Business expenses

Simplify and optimize your expense management processes.

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Blend mobile and financial services and benefit from happy clients and additional revenue.

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Disburse loans via cards and give your clients immediate 24/7 access to the funds.

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Personal finance

You have an idea for a new e-wallet? We have all you need to make it happen.

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Reduce cost, create unique products, and have VAS for you clients just by adding financial services to your portfolio.

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Retail Chains

Drive growth, enhance user engagement, foster loyalty, and unlock new revenue streams.

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Embedded finance

We can integrate any financial service - whether it's payments, cards, or other financial products - deeply into lending, investments, insurance, or even non-financial brand's user journey, instead of redirecting the customer to a third party for purchase and decisioning.

The benefits of using Easy Payment Services

Enhanced innovation

Giving your business access to cutting-edge technology and financial services to meet ever-evolving customer needs.

Seamless integration

APIs allow embedding our services into existing systems, applications, or platforms, which reduces time and effort required.

Reliable partner

We have a proven track record of up-and-running projects in various EU countries. Our scalable platform Is designed to meet clients’ rapid growth.

Scalability and flexibility

Adapt and grow your business without significant infrastructure changes. Tailor financial services to suit your specific requirements.

Go-To-Market Steps

Engage and listen
Understand customer’s requirements, needs and pain points.
Set up, test, launch
Support client through integration phase. Actively participate in testing scenarios. Pop the champagne after launch.
Propose solution
Tailor solution that meets client’s expectations. Agree on commercials.
Expand and grow

Empowering fintech dreams

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