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Usually, financial institutions use bank services to transfer funds to the end client. This is generally a very lengthy procedure and can take quite long. It might take a day or a few, which leads to

a negative impact on customers’ impression of the services you offer. 

The involvement of banks in this process means that they also have visibility of the amounts transferred and any arrangements between creditor and borrower. This information can lead to a worsening of credit history for the client, which in turn can lead to a loss of potential clients and reduce the number of loans you provide.


Thanks to Mastercard branded physical and virtual cards, your business’ clients can receive money loans directly and use them instantly.

We will take care of the whole process of issuing your payment cards with a minimum amount of your own effort.

Leave banks out of this by issuing your own debit and credit cards. This will make you autonomous and independent, therefore providing the needed confidentiality to your customers.

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