PaaS - Payment as a Service

Take advantage of advanced payment products and services without resource-laden internal development investment costs.

Expand your payment solutions portfolio by moving to a more flexible, agile model. All that whilst reducing risk and simplifying the process of restructuring your payments stack.

You do not need be involved in the complex world of regulatory compliance, and risk management, handle transaction fraud, or keep up with the constant changes, but you still retain control.

What you get with PaaS:

Quicken business payments

Quicken business payments through API (Application Programming Interface) and allow your business so much more.

International payments

Traditional banks will not allow cross border payments unless you have a qualified debit or credit card. The only solution is to upgrade the cards or bear high FX transaction fees. Using us as your payment provider will allow international payments at custom FX rates. While regular wire transfers can take days to clear – digital payment solutions can accomplish that within a few hours.

Domestic payments in Bulgaria

Domestic payments in Bulgaria are available through local system BISERA6, as a non-euro SEPA country. Utility bill payments also available for Bulgaria only.

Bank transfers in local currencies

Manage local business with our bank transfers in local currencies – you don’t have to be there to bank there.


All accounts, no matter the currency, will be assigned a unique identifier – IBAN. This will allow you to deliver payments all across Europe safely. International IBANs will allow you to provide cross-border SEPA payments in the EU under the single Euro currency (Credit transfer, Instant credit transfer, Direct debit for consumer, Direct debit for B2B).

P2P money transfers

Make P2P money transfers available through your app or website. Allow your customers to transfer funds directly from their bank account, debit card or credit card to another P2P account withing just a few minutes.

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