AaaS - Account as a Service

Provide your customers with secure, feature rich, fully functional across Europe accounts.

Account opening is fully remote and hassle free, whether that’s a Payment, Prepaid or Business account. We can support a Legal entity account opening, as well as natural persons. Still remote.

Benefits of Virtual Account:

Lower Fees

Virtual payment accounts can provide cost savings and more competitive pricing for businesses. This can contribute to improved profitability and financial efficiency in the long run.


Payment accounts can be assigned to different countries and currencies.


Each customer can have many accounts, all of them related to a different currency, which they will appreciate, as non-local payments will be charged with custom FX rates.

All in One

Incoming and outgoing payments all gathered up in one place makes reconciliation simple.

Time Saving

Reducing the time associated with managing local banking relationships.


Each account is also assigned an IBAN which serve for fast and secure payments both domestically and internationally. Unique to the entity and the account, this number offers a safeguarding system that checks account data before sending funds between international banks. Up to 34 letters and numbers, each set of characters in an IBAN provides information on the account to verify it during the transaction. Virtual IBANs are supported as well in Europe and local bank account formats in other markets that don’t use the IBAN standard.

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